Common Man, Common Sense 

Military Service

James Rhodes served in the United States Army as a Specialist reaching the rank of an E-5 before becoming a Disabled American Veteran. Below is a short example of what the flag and this Country means to Mr. Rhodes, while it may not seem like much to some people, all military know how important the flag is to those who serve and love their country.  Even today, James displays the flag proudly in the front yard, always shining brightly at night.

While serving in El Paso, Tx. Mr. Rhodes was downtown shopping,when a flag pole broke. Mr. Rhodes was across the street at the time when he saw the event taking place, James ran through the traffic in an attempt of catching the American Flag from touching the ground, he succeeded. Rhodes then returned it to the grateful store owner.

James Rhodes is as devoted to the United States of America now as he was then, he is also devoted to the citizens he has continued to believe in and support for decades.