Common Man, Common Sense 

Education and Work History

James Rhodes graduated from Ripley High School in Ripley, WV., where he was born and raised. The Rhodes family has strong ties to this area and many have remained in Ripley and the surrounding areas for the duration of their lives. After graduation Mr. Rhodes followed the footsteps of his brothers and joined the Armed Forces, once discharged as a DAV, James continued his education by studying at DeVry and West Kentucky Technical and Community College.

After his service with the Army Mr. Rhodes took a position working in a steel mill in Midland, PA., This was close to the town that his family called "home" in East Liverpool, Oh., as well as a close enough drive to his original home in West Virginia. Mackintosh -Hemphill was a great facility, however it was one of the companies that suffered across America as many steel mills were forced to start closing operations down in the mid 80's. This event is what landed James in the great state of Kentucky, more specifically Paducah. Shortly after arriving in Kentucky Mr. Rhodes went to work for the City of Paducah where he eventually retired from. 

James Rhodes is not only a hard worker but he is dedicated to each and every job he takes on, from being a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, leader, role model, inspiration, and so much more. Given the chance, imagine how dedicated he would be to the men, women and children of these United Stated.